Rorschach’s Journal

Let’s pretend the Sims community didn’t explode this last little while and press onward, shall we? As you may recall, our Gen 8 heir has just become a teen.

Gen 7 (1179)I feel this picture captures his essence very well. You’re looking at the grandfather of Generation 10, everyone.

His new trait is Excitable, because apparently the game thought Good, Friendly, and Easily-Impressed wasn’t quite doofy enough.

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Gen 7 (1006)So a witch, a werewolf and a robot walk into a bar…

CM Punk: “Gosh, you guys. I can’t believe you booked the Red Velvet Lounge all night, jus’ for my bachelor party!”

Ice: “But of course. Your wedding will never be as good as mine was, so this was the right thing to do.”

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Alpha Wolf

Gen 7 (913)Well what do you know, the Edskar genetics suit him!

So last time Rorschach cliffhangered himself into childhood, and gained the Easily Impressed trait to go with his Good and Friendly.  I took this to mean he is a massive dork and designed his appearance accordingly.

Also last time, CM Punk finished hunting down $40k worth of crap, leaving only the cursed bites between him and his LTW.

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The Alchemist

Gen 7 (758)I think this picture expresses our current family dynamics very well. That lump of disinterested blankets is Ashley, just so you know.

So it turns out I did write down Rorschach’s favorites! Like, two pages later. I don’t understand either. He likes hip hop, vegetarian chili, and lime green.

Now he gets to incubate for a few days, and we turn our attention to sims who can actually accomplish things.

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Unicorn Wedding

Gen 7 (562)How do I do this again? I forget. Here’s the ghost of Raineptah.

Okay, since it’s not exactly a secret –I’ve finished this legacy. As in, I have played ’til Generation 10 (and a bit beyond). I did this months ago. So what does this mean?

It means it’s time to race the clock against Sims 4, that’s what! I’m going to try and have this blog done before it’s released. Yeah? Yeah!

I’ve been writing this thing since TS3 started, and while there’s no respectable reason for it to have taken this long, I’m almost kind of glad it has. By the end of it, we’ll have covered at least some of every expansion for the The Sims 3, and that’s so awesome it kinda looks deliberate.

(Except Showtime. But who gives a shit about Showtime).


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Let’s Play The Sims 1: Old Town (#14)

Judi and Flower enjoy Old Town’s boho lifestyle, while Prince TRAINS HARDER.


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Stranger Times: Part 5

“You know, I started the first time machine when I was a teenager. It took years.”

Part 5 edit 1“If you’d told me the second one –made from scratch, no less– would take two months…”

Glabe laughed. “Tomorrow,” she said.

“Tomorrow,” he agreed.

But moments later he felt her go cold. He looked up; her expression was solemn.

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