Cheap shots at EA are funnier than excuses.


Sure, that’s a good way to kick things off. Last time Sheogorath completed one third of her LTW (to get a Level 3 Visa in all three WA locations) and also finished the Meditation challenge for her Kung Fu point. And that’s about it.

Last chapter was mostly for the lulz.

Back in Sunset Valley, I finally had Serge get started on his new LTW, which is to be a “Home Design Hotshot.” The perfect LTW for me, a simmer who hates interior decoration! What a marvelous choice I have made!


Speaking of Serge, did you know his name is pronounced like this? I’ve been saying it like it rhymed with ‘urge.’ Nevermind that doesn’t sound the least bit French.

Double fail on the Serge front.

But it’s okay, because the game itself fails too! Check it:

Here’s Mackenzie, who has clearly taken a level in badass since we last saw her. No seriously, look at her. She’s awesome.

But now look at this.

This is Kirk Weiner. He has the same last name as Mackenzie. They are both teenagers.


Kirk: “Hey, not just the Secksies appreciate cousin-lovin’.”

Yeah but at least they made it look good.

“But Inujade!” say the voices in my head. “That’s just a, erm, rather unfortunate one-off! What would a Legacy be without a little incest anyway? It’s not like Sheogorath has romantic options with Cul HOLY CRAP SHEOGORATH HAS ROMANTIC OPTIONS WITH CULTA.”

Culta: “Whatever you do, don’t mis-click!”

Geez you guys I know the Southern Prettacy is amazing but is this like the cool new thing?

Then we went to Egypt. You can tell because the trashcan is yellow. Everything is yellow in Egypt.

Stuff happened, but all you guys need to know is this:

Level two in Egypt. Slowly but surely folks.


Serge: “Oh mon Dieu, I never thought of zat!”

Cheez Whiz: “Hmph, you have a nice ass though.”

Serge: “I do ‘ave a nice ass.”

In an attempt to make him look less Face 1, I gave him this makeover.

Suddenly remembered why everyone uses Face 1 in Prettacys.



“Oh for the love of–”

HA! Actually got a picture of the front of you.

Ebenezer gets a pointless Adult-transition birthday party. Because I love him.

Also, Chobits and Kimberly are still adorable.

ALSO also, Mackenzie dances like a boss.


Adult Ebenezer.

Wow. He looks so much like Carol and nothing like Cheez. Whereas, Sheogorath looks so much like Cheez and nothing like Carol. Interesting.

“The sink broke!”

The sink broke!”

::shudders:: Definetly Carol’s son.

Took a trip to China, the busiest location by far. Visa Building+Kung Fu Tournament+Smashy hunting=

Inujade’s Simself: “I HAVE LOST CONTROL OF MY LIFE.”

They totally need to bring back aspiration failure.

Well hello there, good-lookin’.

Sheogorath: “At last! Now I may rule my Realm with the power suitable for a God!”

Pangu: “You mean I get to smashy?!”

Sheogorath: “You can talk?!”


Pangu: “Where all da rocks at, lol.”

Why did no one tell me it could talk? 0_0

Haha okay that’s awesome.

But seriously…it talks?

Well, look who gave Sheogorath her last China quest.

Sun Young Kim: “See this? This is a cold shoulder.”

Sheogorath: “I’d feel bad, but I must remind you, the tentacle woohoo is fantastic.

Sun Young Kim: ::heartbreak::

So I got a level 3 Visa in China, but I didn’t take a picture because I am the worst. :(

We also became the Champion of the Kung Fu Tournament. Now all she has to do is spar Cheez a bunch of times and we have a point.

Shortly followed by another quick trip to Egypt.

On a side note, if you ever find the quest involving the person believing they are the descendent of an ancient Queen, do it. It’s hilarious.

Hey look! I did something right for once!

And so, FINALLY, Sheogorath completed her LTW. It will be weird not to travel with her anymore, but you know what?

POINT! So totally worth it.

So then, it was finally time to do the next thing. To go to the step we’ve all been waiting for.

Yes, it’s finally happened.



…Carol completed the busking challenge, the last of her guitar challenges!


Oh and Sheogorath got knocked up.

Never has that lullaby sounded so sweet.

So stay tuned for an update next Friday. Who knows what the future holds!

Pfft Generation Four obviously.

Score: 39

Today’s Riddle: The man who invented it doesn’t want it. The man who bought it doesn’t need it. The man who needs it doesn’t know it. What is it?

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12 thoughts on “Trololololol

  1. Thindra says:

    XD but cheap shots at EA are funny =P

    :O Serge isn’t pronounced like Urge say what?! At least your not the only one making that mistake ^^;

    I’m glad that Sheogorath completed her LTW. Traveling ftw ^^

    Is it a coffin?

    • inujade says:

      Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one! Now I feel less foolish. They could have at least stuck an accent on that or something.

      I love travelling, it’s just too bad it breaks the game so much. The Personalitys don’t even have a family tree anymore. I feel it may also have had a hand in the cousin-lovin’…

      It is a coffin!

      • analeep says:

        Haha, boring me is going to tell you something unnecessary.

        Theorethically, Serge does not need an accent to be pronounced correctly by a French speaker, such as myself.
        The only letter that could have an accent is the first ‘e’, but since it is folowed by two consonants, it will be pronounced fully, just like an ‘e’ with an accent.

        And yes, that is a basic pronounciation rule in French.
        Sorry ’bout that. I just had the weird wish of looking like a know-it-all.
        Feels good.

  2. Niko says:

    OMG!!! Finally an update! I agree with the troll sientist, why must they abuse us so? Great update and looking forward to more.

    … the tenticle woohoo is amazing….

  3. Gargantua says:

    Awesome! Points! And the talking smashy thing! I’m rather envious – I don’t think I’ve even seen the smashy thing in my game, much less acquired it. I understand the Epic Eaxis fail, though. It is always a gamble as to whether or not my game will actually load. So yeah. Eaxis=Fail.

    • inujade says:

      Pangu is definetly worth it…quests go much faster when you can just smash your way through stuff. The quest to get it is annoying though…

      I feel your pain! My Sims 3 has broken down no less than five times, and I think I’ve only owned it for a little over a year. My Sims 2 was slower than a brick rolling uphill, but at least it always TURNED ON. Grumble grumble.

  4. trololololololololololololololo

  5. liezemies says:

    So I knew Serge was pronounced like that, but when I read your legacy, it just seemed to rhyme with urge naturally…

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