Gatekeeper’s Story– Sunset

[A/N: Hover your mouse over each of the pictures until text appears to get the full story. Many of them will just say ‘…’ but not all. The parts written normally are what Gatekeeper can see and hear. The hidden texts bits are something else. For best effect read the normal text first, then the hidden text.

This is a three-part story] 

There is a town.

A town where the sun only sets once…

…and rises once.

It seems deserted. Abandoned as if in a mad rush, cars still parked and cups still sitting, half full, on kitchen tables. To all appearances, this town is empty.

But every once in awhile…




There is a new arrival.



“Where am I?”

crunch crunch crunch




“Holy shit, this place is burnt out. There’s no one around…

What is this?!”

“Downtown…I need to go downtown, find a phone, better clothes…”

“No one here, either. And all the payphones are dead.”

“It’s so weird, even though there’s nobody around it feels like…”

‘No, I better not say it out loud. I’ll just freak myself out.’

‘…Like I’m being watched.’

“Definitely a ‘haunted’ vibe to this place.”

‘Not normally a problem, but without my gear…

No, every town has some. It’s a law. All I need to do is find it.’

‘Dad said science centres are always built by water, and this much fog means there must be some big lake nearby…

Perhaps that way…?’



‘No one. Again.’

‘A bedroom in a science centre? Although, I’ve heard in some towns they double as a


“Storage goes in a basement. If it’s anywhere, it’s down here…”

‘Wait, okay…I know that glow…’

There you are!”

“I will never wear a hoodie again as long as I live.

Okay. Awesome. Everything should be…


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10 thoughts on “Gatekeeper’s Story– Sunset

  1. Elocine says:

    Ooh, I love the creepy, Silent-Hill-esque vibe to this. I can’t wait to see what happens!

    • inujade says:

      I’m glad it comes off that way! I’m always a little nervous about changing the tone from the regular updates. Hope it isn’t too jarring to be good.

  2. Thindra says:

    oooo creepy, I can’t wait to see what happens.

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