Questionable Pet Ownership

Serge: “Where…where are we, mon amour?”

Sheogorath: “I don’t know, my champion. Not Sunset Valley. It appears to be a rough, untamed landscape, far from civilization– brimming with wild and unpredictable beasts.

I love it.”

And among those wild and unpredictable beasts, Boo Personality.

Boo: “Hey, lady bouncer, we should make some happy memories together later today, hehe.”

Bouncer: “Hitting on a woman working at a bar. Really breaking the mold there.”

Boo: “I’m an artist. I have an original soul.”

Hmm. I must say, the sim ladies of Appaloosa do have some…ah… motherly attributes.

Cheyenne: “…She’s talking about my baby belly, right?”

Bartender: “She better be, Shug.”

Boo: “Good lord, look at the motherly attributes on THAT one!”

What are you saying? Pregnant sims can’t ride horses!

Ditto: “Sigh…I suppose it’s time…but I’m so conflicted…”

About what?

Ditto: “About…jogging…”

Ditto: “My couch potato trait says it’s so wrong, but my loves the outdoors trait says it’s so right.”

Do you ever set the camera to follow a sim while they jog? I do. It’s about as close to real jogging as I’ll ever get.

So this is GooGoo Marshall. He’s a baby horse that wandered onto our lot one day. I knew he belonged to one of the neighbours, but he was starving and tired. We gave him a baby bottle and let him sleep on our lawn. He got up eventually and left.

The next day I got a pop-up telling me that GooGoo had died. So that’s…cheery.

Joker: “Hey. It’s my birthday.”

Maisy: “OOOooo. Did yew want a birthday bonus?”

Joker: “No thanks. I have a girlfriend.”

Edi: “I am not at all intimidated by the extremely hot girl offering sexual services to my boyfriend.”

Oriole: “Ha, this cake isn’t the only thing that’s a lie.”

Edi grows up well, and is now a technophobic, ambitious, disciplined, genius vegetarian.

Edi: “Mrs. Harley Quinn impressed upon me the reasonings behind her own vegetarianism. I told her it seemed very logical. She giggled and said Mr. Spock was also vegetarian. I don’t know who Mr. Spock is.”

Nevermind. I like that outfit, so you can keep a recolour of it.

And Joker– whoa.

Joker: “In addition to workaholic, family-oriented, hates-the-outdoors and neurotic, I have gained the cat-lover trait. Yes, that’s right…”

Joker: “…a key part of my identity is my love of adorable, furry kittehs.”


Edi: “Good morning, Personality-Heir Drake! As you can see, Mr. Personality and I are now adults.”

Joker: “Wheeeeeeeee!

Drake: “Oh, um, don’t mind me. I’ll just be in my shed, not appearing for most of the chapter.”

Edi: “Again?”

Joker: “I have a want to give you a present, so, happy birthday!”

Edi: “Mr. Personality, a gift? It’s…a baseball?”

Joker: “I don’t know. Inujade mostly clicks around my inventory at random for these sorts of things.”

Edi: “It’s the want that counts.”

Joker: “Lucky it wasn’t a newspaper.”

These two are just so cute.

Boo completed a painting of Edi, first. I did a little bit of research about this, and it seems most people DO count imaginary friend portraits towards legacy points. The reasoning is, although they are not technically part of the family tree, they ARE “born” with the family name, and are raised as part of the family. Hey, I’ll take it!

And no, I don’t care that all my family portraits are awful. As a simmer I am many things– concerned about competence is not one of them.


Joker: “You know…this seemed like a good idea when I started.”

Bad idea. Very very bad idea.

Joker: “You know what the worst part is?”


Joker: “I used aromatic wood.”

Oh, Drake. One of the few times you’re not inventing, and this is how I find you.

Maisy: “I need an adult.”

My word…Edi was right! You ARE extremely hot!

Maisy: “Like, obviously.”

Joker: “Oh my gosh, Edi. Look at this cat! It’s so friggin’ adorable!” *rolls want for kitten*

Cat: “Noooo, adopt ME, you asshole! I’m starving! Like every other animal in this town!”

Yeah, so I considered getting a fluffy white persian to have as Ditto’s ‘evil overlord’ cat thing, but hell.

Edwin: “Well hello there, Diet Coke. Are you the cutest wittle itty bitty kitty that ever lived? Yesh you are! Yesh you are!” /instantbestfriends

Joker: “Hmph. MY kitteh.”

He’s just mad he didn’t get to make friends with her first.

(You’re probably wondering about the name. Here’s the story: I happened to be drinking Diet Coke when she arrived. The end.)

Diet Coke: “…”

Diet Coke: “It’s a ghost.”


Right, so this is BaBa Marshall, a puppy owned by the same family who owned the dead foal. BaaBaa wandered onto our lot, got fed and watered, left our lot, and died.

What is WITH the Marshalls and their pets?! Between them and the hungry strays, this is swiftly turning into Animal Abuse: The Expansion.

Right, so I just looked up their wiki page, and it turns out Kim Marshall owns all these baby animals because she wants actual babies but can’t. Lady…maybe there’s a good reason!!

Looky-loo, Honey Darnell and her motherly attributes lovely horse Skedaddle have come for a visit. Someone had way too much fun designing this woman. So much animal print.

Skedaddle: “You’re telling me. Living with her is like being on a goddamn safari.”

I’d say she’s just a cougar showing her spots, but her and Boo are pretty comparable in age, so there’s a joke that can’t happen. Um…she looks like she’s had a lot of cosmetic surgery. It’s funny or something.

Now obviously Boo longs for nothing more than to break poor Honey’s heart, but alas, my game has risen up in protest against this lady-sim abuse and manifested itself into the ultimate cockblock.

By which I mean; shit got glitched. Again.

I figured this out the day I sent Boo down to the watering hole. The lady bouncer warmed up to him considerably, but the ‘ask to go steady’ option never appeared. Like, ever, no matter what I did. I eventually found out about a glitch that sometimes happens where a divorced sim is incapable of starting new relationships. Evidently, Boo had caught it.

So Ditto sits around in his relationship panel, all smug with her ‘ex-wife’ status, preventing him from achieving his dreams. I’d be annoyed, but honestly, it’s sort of in-character.

Ditto: “Damn right it is.”

Oh well. I guess the ladies of Appaloosa will have to find some other way to satisfy their baser urges.


But all that hardly matters, because at long last we come to the most important day of a legacy heir’s life– their young adult birthday.

That dramatic pose is worthy of this occasion!

Yes, Drake is growing up, and he’s just as thrilled as we are. Who will he marry? How many children will he have? Will he achieve his dreams, or wallow in mediocrity like his father? Will I ever give him a better haircut?!

These wild horses were so excited they rammed into each other’s torsos, but alas, they will have to wait until next chapter, because that’s all she wrote for today!

In other news, I have Supernatural now and I’m extremely happy with it so far. The Personalitys have to wait until I’ve completely updated this silly blog (only 769 more frikken pictures to go!!!) before they get any of it, but I guess that just gives me time to learn the ropes.

In the meantime…any suggestion from my wonderful readers as to how I can improve my silly blog? I feel like it fluctuates in quality a lot, so I’m taking any constructive criticism you might have.

Thanks. See you soon!

Current Score: 73

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9 thoughts on “Questionable Pet Ownership

  1. daria says:

    Hey do you have sims 3 supernatural

  2. Thindra says:

    oo o o o! Having the next and previous somewhere on the page so I can go back to the previous post. Maybe I’m missing it over and over but I can’t seem to find it. ;_; That’s the only complaint I have but other then that I love reading this. :D

    • inujade says:

      This format doesn’t have a next/previous button ;_; I was very annoyed when I found out, but at least the Table of Contents is always at the top.

      I’ve thought about going back and manually putting in buttons for all the chapters, which would be quite a task, but since you bring it up maybe I’ll attempt to have it done this weekend. :)

      Thanks so much~!

      • Thindra says:

        No problem, but don’t over work yourself after all you still have 800 photos to caption before Supernatural :P

  3. Gargantua says:

    I’m jealous of your possession of Supernatural. Amazon keeps taunting me with its “Shipping Soon” on my order. And for some reason, checking my email every 15 minutes isn’t doing anything to speed them the hell up. :)

    I can only imagine the kind of mischief the Personalities will get into with Supernatural. Maybe one of them can make a potion that will keep those poor abused animals alive. Or just report that family to the animal social worker or something.

    • inujade says:

      I don’t even know WHAT they’ll do with Supernatural…I don’t want to overpower the family with new magic stuff, but at the same time, I wanna plaaaaay all the cool new stuff! :P

  4. ashrieflin says:

    Finally caught up with this! It’s been a fun weekend of reading and I am in love with your legacy!

    I cannot wait to see the Personalities interact with Supernaturals. I am so in love with Supernatural, though it has this annoying magical tendency to make time IRL disappear. Favorite supernatural so far? What will be the first one we see in the Personality house? I bet you’re sick of vampires.

    • inujade says:

      I’m glad you liked it!

      Hah, who knows about those vampires? Although, I’ve never actually had a vampire in the main family, so we’ll see.

      I really like the new population control system. Now vampire-plagues can be a thing of the past. :)

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