On The Town

Well, it’s over a month later, and how is the computer situation going?

Gen 7 (389)

An apt visual metaphor.

This picture was taken when Clifton went out in the rain to go to work and short-circuited. Big Daddy went out to repair him, and met the same fate. They both had umbrellas.

This just goes to show that even in the virtual world, computers are stupid.

Gen 7 (391)

Still, we’re plugging along as best we can, even if we have to stop to make repairs every, oh, five minutes.

Bonehilda: “Sir, the obvious solution is to upgrade the OS. 32-bit Windows XP just isn’t going to cut it this day and age.”

Drake: “I like Windows XP! It’s FINE, okay? Just FINE!”

CM Punk: “…my robotic half-brother runs on Windows?”


Gen 7 (417)

Apparently one way to keep the memory usage down is to read the paper every day, since the announcements stack over time. This rather tedious task falls to Big Daddy, whose proper job starts on Monday.

Maisy: “I bet she think she’s bein’ subtle, not mentionin’ exactly what your proper job is.”

Gen 7 (469)

Maisy: “Off to the Elixir Shop again, Ice?”

Ice: “Hmph. They’ll have the Bottled Witches Brew one of these days. If they know what’s good for ’em.

Maisy: “That stuff? Haven’t you been looking for that since you was a teen?”

Yes, he has. Every day! I swear half their income comes from us impulse-buying gem dust. He could make the potion himself, except it needs a light beetle, and none have shown up anywhere.

Gen 7 (395)

Ice may not be a witch yet, but that doesn’t stop him from seeding connections in the witchy world. Like his best friend Bianca Crumplebottom here (no, I know what you’re thinking. She’s not the spouse. He’s distantly related to the Crumplebottoms, after all!).

Bianca: “Say, you need to top a career, right? There’s this place that would be great for a budding young alchemist…”

Gen 7 (400)

Mystic branch, here we come!

Oh, and his boss is…Mortimer Goth.

Ugh. Maybe we’ll lose him when we split away from the con artists. :P

Gen 7 (407)

CM Punk is also out hunting for prospects, visiting the summer fair to get a sense of who’s who in town. I think it’s cute that old Pappy Wolff is working the stands, but he seems a bit…distracted.

Pappy: “Get a load of that pansy ass vampire!”

Gen 7 (406)

Oh, Lorenzo! Aren’t you looking…dapper.

And sort of high, but that’s default with you.

Gen 7 (408)

CM Punk introduced himself, sensing a wolfy peer, but more on that later.

Gen 7 (402)

Little Sister doesn’t get out nearly as often as her brothers. Being a vampire, night is the only time she has to work on her Long-Distance Runner challenge, and that’s only when she’s not at work.  Lucky she has a lot of time on her hands, because this takes for-freakin’-ever.

Gen 7 (404)

Sigh. Kind of like horse-lifespans.

Lady Grey Tea is only just now becoming an elder. It’s not that I want the horses to die, it’s just that with a house this full, their constantly tanking needs are becoming more and more of a hassle. Particularly since I’m not even trying to top the rider career anymore.

Gen 7 (422)

Maisy doesn’t have enough time, and more important things to do besides (like maintain the garden). But the inventing career? We’re topping that shit.

Drake and Maisy have a private goodbye makeout in the laundry room, because they aren’t going to see each other for a few days. If things go poorly, it will be the last time they see each other at all.

I’m locking Drake in the murder shack.

Gen 7 (442)

All right, here’s my strategy: Make nothing but flying fighters. They are the most advanced widget, I believe, and a top-level inventor can make nearly six per hour, at around $200 each. Compare that to the most valuable invention, the time machine, which has a base value of around $2000 and takes 7 hours. With the flying fighters, we can make twice as much money in a little under the same amount of time. To top the career, it will take two days, IF the full 48 hours are used.

So Drake is loaded up on energy and bliss elixirs, with his pockets stuffed full of apples, to keep his motives up. These are the fastest and easiest ways, because he could drop dead any second.

But I believe in him. This is a sim who always beats the odds, I’ve noticed.

Gen 7 (446)

Big Daddy: “This unit feels concern for Father-Unit. He pushes himself so hard, and living for days off nothing but energy supplements must be detrimental to one’s hea….what are you doing?”

Maisy: “What?”

Gen 7 (448)

Big Daddy: “Why are you just standing there…projectile vomiting? Are…you feeling ill?”

Maisy: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Gen 7 (449)

Big Daddy: “But…but you just…”

Maisy: “Really now, if I’d projectile vomited, the maid would be cleanin’ it up, now wouldn’t she?”

Bonehilda: “Please. I don’t touch your dirty laundry, what makes you think I wanna deal with your meatbag regurgitations?”

Gen 7 (426)

Pappy: “All right, kid, I’m assuming you got a reason you called me out of town in the middle of the night. That’s why I haven’t eaten you yet, but that can change…”

CM Punk: “That would be cannibalism, though.”

Gen 7 (427)

CM Punk: “Y’see, I’m a werewolf too! Thing is, I need a pack. To finish my LTW an’ all. I don’ know if y’all are interested–”

Gen 7 (428)

Pappy: “Are you kidding? I haven’t been hunting with anyone but my grandkids for years now.  When do we start?!”

And just like that, Pappy and CM Punk became a pack!

Gen 7 (430)

Meaning CM Punk can get started working on his LTW proper. HOORAY!

I actually really like the Sims 3 werewolves. Like the vampires, I think they are a huge improvement on  the Sims 2 version –that, and their animations are hilarious to watch.

Gen 7 (432)

Look at those silly runs! They so silly! (Pappy is way off in the back)

Werewolves like to take off to random points in the town when they’re hunting, and this is A-OK with me. More silly running, and it makes the hunting seem more legitimate somehow than if they were just stalking around one lot.

Gen 7 (439)

Elsewhere in town, Little Sister is discovering that the people of Moonlight Falls are, sadly, a little more careful about their expensive statuary than most towns.

Oh, who am I kidding, she’s not looking at the statue. She just stole the lamp that was under it.

Gen 7 (440)

Look! Expensive Moon dial thingy! Take THAT!

Little Sister: “What? Why would I want something like that when this place is crawling with lamps?”

Gen 7 (441)

Seriously, play a kleptomaniac if you haven’t already. Or watch a Let’s Play with a kleptomaniac in it. I guarantee the lamp obsession will rear it’s ugly head.

Little Sister: “Well the darker we make the town, all the easier to rob them blind, don’t you think?”

Gen 7 (456)

Clearly, it’s time for a change in scenery.

Gen 7 (459)

It’s been many years since Harley Quinn and Ditto had their little adventure in Moonlight Falls, but the Goths are still kicking. Even Helen Hall, who has long since changed her hair and become an old lady. I figured it was about time we paid the extended family a visit.

Plus, their house is ballin’ as hell.

Gen 7 (460)

Little Sister: “Hmmph, my grandma told me all about what happened here. I’m watching you.”

Olivia: “That’s good. My husband tells me I need to be watched.”

Little Sister: “Whatever. I just better not see any lighters.”

Gen 7 (462)

Little Sister: “Oh my, now this looks expensive…”

Gen 7 (463)

Frida: “That’s because it is. Honestly, the last person who monologued here at least did it quietly.

Little Sister: “Aw, man…”

Gen 7 (464)

Little Sister: “Guess I’m getting kicked out then, huh?”

Frida: “Too right.”

(You’ll notice the painting is still there. IT’S CAUSE SHE TOOK A LAMP)

Gen 7 (467)

Oh, but I can’t stay mad at her. She approaches crime with such joie de vivre.

(She also has a strange habit of changing into her formal wear for the occasion. Not anything else, just thieving. Look, I don’t know, I just document this stuff).

She gets home just in time for the sun to rise on Monday morning…

Gen 7 (468)

…and look who shows up!

Why, we aren’t running a daycare are we?  

Gen 7 (471)

Please. With a sim named Big Daddy, of course we’re running a daycare.

I was hoping a few of them would have glowing eyes, but I’ll take what I can get. XD

Raineptah: “Is this my only appearance this chapter?”

Gen 7 (479)

Little Sister: “Oh good, now we have a bunch of screaming, stinking toddlers around the house. My moodlets are really appreciating it.”


And then, suddenly…

Gen 7 (470)

Drake: “…I did it.”

You mean…?!

Gen 7 (484)Gen 7 (485)


*writes a cheque for “all of my squees”* *makes it out to Drake Personality* *hands it to him*

That’s a POINT folks! And a well-earned point indeed.

Gen 7 (486)

Drake: “This is one of the proudest moments of my very accomplished life. Now if you’ll excuse me, I haven’t showered in two days.”

Gen 7 (472)

At this same moment, Ice was doing his daily rounds down at the Elixir Shop, asking if they had any Bottled Witches Brew today

Ashley: “As a matter of fact, we do! It’s a little pricey, but…”


Gen 7 (473)

And he drank it right there on the spot. Finally becoming a witch, not a minute after his Dad’s near-miracle job-topping. Heart pounding, I went to go save.

And it did.

No Error Code 12.

There was no Error Code 12!

Gen 7 (474)


(Current Score: 105)

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6 thoughts on “On The Town

  1. Jaime says:

    Omg you’re back! I’ve been checking everyday, lol. Loved the chapter!

    • inujade says:

      Thank you! The computer issues have kept me away, but I may have found a solution…and if I have, you might be able to expect updates far more frequently. :)

  2. Jasperemerald says:

    NO ERROR CODE 12??? Sorcery was definitely involved.

    And while the toddlers may not have glowing eyes, you have a sim named Little Sister. That’s got to count for something.

    • inujade says:

      I KNOW!! Granted, my Error Code 12 problems were not exactly solved, but still, if I could have chosen one save to make it through…it would have been that one.

      *rainbows and sparkles* Wishes do come true!

  3. Elocine says:

    Amazing! So many awesome accomplishments AND no error 12!? As a simmer who once played on a glitchy laptop CLEARLY not intended for this kind of gaming, I certainly understand how awesome that must’ve felt.

    Also, I can’t wait to play a Kleptomaniac now! They look like so much fun. :-)

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